Featured image; “Death of Covid, oil on canvas, private collection

Thomas Murray Lives and works in New Jersey with his wife and partner Donna Mason Sweigart. They relocated from the US/ Mexico border of South Texas. Thomas earned his MFA at the University of New Mexico in 2003. He works primarily in oil paint, with forays into sound, music composition, performance, and digital video.  Thomas and his wife travel yearly to Florence, Italy, where he studies Renaissance painting in its birthplace. They frequently collaborate on art installations and performance. In June 2014, Thomas attended an artist residency in Assisi, Italy. Thomas was recently invited to return to Arquetopia in Puebla, Mexico, for an honorary artists residency.

His work is deeply personal. Gleaned from current political events, he works on the edge of recognition. Thomas appropriates archetypal imagery, such as the Garden of Eden to explore the relations of globalization and a subtle critique of the viewer/ consumer and our place in relocating histories.

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