The experience of art-making can be described as an arc. This post is intended to make visible the process (or part of the process). By no means is this exhaustive. It is intended to function as Grimm’s breadcrumbs.

As the work is completed and a body comes together the work will be grouped into a separate gallery.


For a brief period I attended a residency at Arquetopia in Puebla Mexico. The opportunity to let go of what I think may be my center and expose myself to the ideas of space, in lieu of place, has had a profound impact on my practice

As with any of my forays into storytelling, a perspective must be taken. In this case; not Dante Alighiere, Not Virgil, not Gustav Dore. Though stepping off places they provide a toehold on a descent into personal history, one with, I am grateful, an exit.


Works that tend to wander serve as markers, spaces not fitting within predefined codes. Quite often these pieces serve as bridges, marking a path between thoughts, divergences.


alluding to repetitions in experience, formations, reformations, creations and erasure. This is a varied gallery of works seeming dependent on the motifs woven in personal metaphor.


Jacques Bautiste, Skin

Jacques Bautiste News Interview on Channel 10, Tampa FL

Jacques Bautiste Interviews

Jacque’s Paysage de Son


The study of faces, persons, individuals, each asking for a unique approach